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Youth Gardening Activities

Gardening with children is a wonderful way to spend quality time with kids while teaching them about the food we eat. Gardening also allows children the opportunity to learn math, science and other skills while having fun.

Lessons prepared by John Porter, WVU Kanawha County Extension Agent:

Incredible Edibles! – Presented at the 2013 National Children and Youth Garden Symposium in Denver, CO

quinoa bee - Dunbar There’s a whole world of interesting food plants out there – many of which you can grow in your own garden! Discover great grains, fantastic fruits, versatile veggies, and more you might not have thought about growing. From grain-like quinoa with its bright rainbow plumes to tart lingonberries and spiny artichokes, there are plenty of fun and interesting crops that can add an extra element of excitement to engage youth. We’ll also look at activities and recipes that incorporate these more unusual plants.
Incredible Edibles Presentation

Incredible Edibles Recipes

Developing Curriculum Resources and Networking for School Gardens: A Model – Presented at the 2013 National Children and Youth Gardening Symposium by John Porter and Jessica Pollitt

carrots at chas mont Are you trying to connect with other gardens and education resources in your area? Find out how statewide teamwork created a School and Youth Garden Network that links together educators from all over West Virginia. This group works together to spearhead projects that encourage school gardening throughout the state’s most metropolitan area by allowing educators to easily share ideas, education, and resources. Based on this successful model, you’ll leave with the right tools for creating a similar network in your own area.
Presentation Slides

Garden Network Worksheet

“Grow Your Own Pizza” Garden

Pizza Garden

Download the Activity Sheet
Many ingredients in pizza come from the garden. Tomatoes, basil, oregano, sweet bell peppers and onions are just a few of the vegetables that you might find on your slice of pizza. These are vegetables commonly used to make pizza and spaghetti sauce. Other vegetables such as spinach and hot peppers are sometimes added as toppings. It can be fun to grow your own ingredients to make a fresh, homemade pizza. You and your family will enjoy tasting the fresh ingredients that you were able to raise for yourself. You will not believe how good it tastes!

“Grow Your Own Salad” Garden

Salad Garden Download the activity sheet
Fresh, green salads are great when they come fresh from the garden. All of the great vegetables found in salads are very easy to grow. This garden works especially well when grown in the spring (March) or fall (September) because the leafy greens and root vegetables like cool weather.