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WVU Extension Service
Kanawha County Office
4700 MacCorkle Avenue SE
Suite 101
Charleston, WV 25304

Phone: 304-720-9573
Fax: 304-205-7863
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00-4:00
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Community Educational Outreach Service (CEOS)

The primary purpose of CEOS clubs is education. The basis for its existence is the desire of people to improve the quality of their living, to find and live the “good life”, to inspire families and individual citizens to make life long learning a great adventure as they advance toward enriched living in the home and in the enlarged community. Other purposes are to further strengthen, develop, coordinate, and extend adult education and to improve the quality of life in cooperation with the Extension Service and to increase knowledge and understanding. The person who continues education and who seek ever broadening horizons is best satisfied and fulfilled in serving the family and community. Visit the the WVU CEOS Web site.

Kanawha County CEOS Clubs

For more information on joining a club or starting a new club, contact Kerri Wade at (304) 720-9573 or email Kerri